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A Perfect Tip

Did you consider this?

If you miss that critical shot because your cue tip was improperly shaped and miss getting in the money then it could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. 
Most people don’t know that improperly shaped tips are a major cause of missed balls. They are confused about why the shot misssed when everything seemed like it was just right.  You lined up right,  your aim was dead on,  and your stroke is smooth,  but the ball just missed the pocket.  



A tip that has a flat spot or is not a perfect crown will deflect differently each time it is used.  A fraction of a millimeter can affect how much spin and deflection the cueball gets. The out of shape tip will make the cue ball veer off the intended path by just enough to miss the pocket or miss getting perfect position.

The Pocket Lathe System by Nivecraft Precision Cue Care Products give you a perfect crown
A perfect tip in seconds means that you can easily keep your tip in a perfect Nickel or Perfect Dime shape Fast and Easy.


All cue manufacturers, cue tip makers, professional pool instructors, and professional players recommend a consistent cue tip curvature equal to the radius of a Nickel(.42" Radius) or Dime(.35" Radius).  You can have the best cue in the world,  but if the cue tip is not shaped properly it will cause missed balls, miscues and inconsistent play.  Shooting with the same tip shape and condition at all times during practice and competition will make the difference between WINNING and LOSING a match game!  How much is this advantage worth to you?


Shaping and conditioning your cue tip is FAST and EASY with The Pocket Lathe System by Nivecraft.  Click on the mpeg below to see how the Quick Tip Shaper will create the perfect Nickel or Dime shape on your tip.  Use the Pocket Lathe or Pocket Spinner with a Quick Tip Perfect Nickel or Dime Shaper to keep your tip in perfect shape at all times.



The Pocket Lathe