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Precision Cue Care Products





- Aluminum Telescoping Tube Extends To Reach 5 Ft

- Twist Lock Feature Allows You To Set At Any Length 

- Special Brush Grabs Visible Plants For Easy Removal

- Compact Brush Head Reaches Into Tight Spaces Around Axle

- Ultra-Light Weight Makes It Easy Without Straining Your Wrist-

- 35" Long When Retracted For Easy Storage

NEW DNR Rules require boaters to take action.  It's not just a good idea, it's the law!


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Aquatic, and many non-aquatic invasive species are readily spread by

flowing water. In addition, many aquatic invasive species are capable of survival out of water for a period of time. To prevent the introduction of organisms transported from one body of water to another, all watercraft and equipment that are to be placed in a water body must be cleaned to remove invasive species, including visible plant fragments, seeds, or other materials. New laws exist that require boaters to perform these tasks routinely prior to leaving the boat launch. The Invasion X tool is designed to make these tasks easy and quick. It's not just a good idea, it’s the law!

Learn More About:

- NEW DNR Boat Cleaning Regulations

- Identifying invasive species

- Effective methods for disinfecting

- Links to other sites with more information

- Links to local community site

Boat Trailer Cleaning Tool

Invasion X  Special Brush Head and .57" Diameter Press In Attachment Fitting